Вступительный тест

Если вы когда-то изучали английский язык, то ,пожалуйста, заполните вступительный тест. Это поможет преподавателю определить ваш уровень владения языком и подобрать программу обучения и группу соответствующие вашим знаниям.




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Please choose the correct alternative (A, B, C or D) and mark your answer in the test as in the example:

Example: He is  ..b..  doctor.

a. An    b. A    c.     d. The


1. Mary is Russian. …… a Russian girl
He is She is It is I am 

2. This is a pen. Those ……... pencils.
is am are be 

3. I’m Chinese. ….. French?
You’re Are you Are You 

4. I speak Italian. She …. Japanese.
speaking do speak speaks are speaking 

5. “What ……?” “I’m a pilot”.
do you do you do you you do 

6. I’m sorry I …. understand.
no not doesn’t don’t 

7. “…. you like a piece of cake?” “Yes, please”.
Would Could May Do 

8. “Where …. now?”

9. That isn’t your bag. It’s … bag.

10. Take your coat. It ….. rain.

11. “No, I don’t want …. tomatoes”.

12. “Where …. yesterday?” “I was at the cinema”.

13. “Why not go to the National Gallery?” “I ….there yesterday”.

14. “Where … yesterday?” “I didn’t go anywhere”.
went you did you went did you go was you go 

15. You …. work hard to pass the examination.
can were do must 

16. My Swedish is very good. I speak Swedish ….
good bad well badly 

17. I …. to Thailand.
have never been been have never have never never been 

18. Eric …. the tickets.
already bought has already buy has already bought buy 

19. Don’t go out. It ….. rain.
can may did was 

20. Alfred …. to a girl when I saw him.
talk talking will talk was talking 

21. My sister …. for my birthday.
gave me a book gave to me a book gave a book me me gave a book 

22. The man ….. came yesterday is very rich.
he has who when 

23. Bill is good at tennis but Richard is …..
good well better gooder 

24. John …. since he left school.
was working works has been working will be working 

25. “Please be quiet”. He told me ….
be quiet to be quiet that be quiet that I be quiet 

26. “I’m a student”. He told me that …. a student.
I am I was he was he is 

27. Susan will come to tea if you … her.
asks ask asked will ask 

28. I’m not as clever as you. You are … I am.
clever than cleverer as cleverer than more clever 

29. When I was a child I … a lot of sweets.
use eat eat used to eat am used to eat 

30. “… Romeo and Juliet?” “Yes, I saw it on Wednesday”.
Did you seen Will you see Have you seen Do you see 

31. The house … last year.
built has built was built is built 

32. Pam enjoys … in Washington.
to live living having living when lived 

33. I think you’d better …. to the Doctor.
to go go going to going 

34. Soup will be ready when you …. home.
get gets will get shall get 

35. If I were you … home.
I’d go I go I’ll go I’m go 

36. “Have you finished?” He asked me ….
have I finished if I have finished if I had finished if I finished 

37. They …. so much that they went to sleep in the garden.
were eating had eaten have eaten eating 

38. I like him. He makes me …
laughing laughter to laugh laugh 

39. Would you mind … me a cigarette, please?
give giving to give having given 

40. What about … to the theatre tonight?
go to go we go going 

41. I … here for 5 years in November.
shall be will be shall have been will have 

42. I wish I … a lot of money.
have will have would have had 

43. He’s rather dirty. He … a bath before he came here.
had should have had has had would have 

44. If you … gone to the party you would have seen him.
had would have have should have 

45. “Where is Piccadilly Circus?” She asked me where ….
Piccadilly Circus was is Piccadilly Circus Piccadilly Circus was Piccadilly Circus 

46. The streets are wet. It … raining.
must have must have been had to must to be 

47. He’s too old to paint the house himself, so he …..
is painted the house is having his house painted is going to pant his house is having painted his house 

48. I’d rather you … later. I’m busy now.
come back will come back came back had come back 

49. Supposing you … there again. What would you do?
will go went going will have gone 

50. “Can I phone you at 6.00?” “No, I …”
would eat then shall have eaten then shall eat then shall be eating then 

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